Meet our Director

Posted on August 1, 2010


Director of Harshmellow Media & Design, Sarah Mathiesen is a qualified journalist and experienced public relations (PR) consultant, born and bred in Townsville, North Queensland.

Sarah has created Harshmellow Media & Design so that she can play an integral role in the exciting development of Townsville by sharing her passion for creative and strategic communication with North Queensland businesses.

After completing her studies at Townsville’s James Cook University, Sarah headed to Sydney for a baptism of fire in the PR world. In Sydney, Sarah worked as an Account Executive at one of Australia’s leading healthcare PR agencies, managing strategic communications campaigns for non-profit organisations and Australian and multi-national pharmaceutical and medical device companies. In this role, Sarah was responsible for creating, implementing and evaluating comprehensive PR campaigns that targeted healthcare professionals, specific target audiences and the Australian public.

Sarah has crafted well-written media materials that have been covered by all of Australia’s major newspapers, television and radio stations, and magazines as well as the London Times, The Wall Street Journal and Agence France Presse (The European newswire). Sarah has also written copy for various websites, pamphlets and booklets; scripted, shot and edited educational and promotional DVDs and community service announcements (CSAs); and coordinated large scale events and media conferences.

Sarah has worked on Golden Target Award  winning campaigns (judged by the Public Relations Institute of Australia) and with some well-known Australians including Guy Leech, Rob de Castella, Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, Joanna McMillan Price, Dave Wright and the Governer General Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, AC.

While Sarah relished the opportunity to work on communications campaigns of such high calibre, she saw an opportunity to return to the booming city of Townsville with her extensive knowledge and experience in tow. Harshmellow Media & Design – an agency that would give companies the perfect combination of creativity, business logic and social awareness – was the driving factor behind the move home.

Sarah is excited about working with local business to develop strategic communications campaigns that are creative, effective and uniquely ‘Townsville’.