Old friends help us celebrate new beginnings

Posted on August 31, 2010


A show of support

“A ring is round and has no end, and that’s how long you’ll be my friend”

As people grow older ‘best friends’ can become harder to find. Perhaps as we age we become more critical of others, maybe we start to learn the meaning of true friendship or perhaps we are just too busy to spend time building strong relationships with new people.

I count myself as very lucky to have nurtured strong friendships with (now former) colleagues and was touched when this beautiful arrangement arrived yesterday to congratulate Harshmellow on its first media launch.

I am incredibly excited about establishing Harshmellow and look forward to many challenges and triumphs. However, I know that in times when challenges seem enormous and triumphs scarce, I will look to former collegues and eternal friends for support and inspiration.

I hope that everyone has at least one friend they can count on in this way.

Sarah xx