Reaching your consumers in the new year

Posted on November 30, 2010


With the new year now breathing down the back of our necks, it’s time business owners and managers start thinking about ways to reach out to their consumers in 2011.

Sure, you could rehash the same tired, old ad you’ve been running for the last twelve months and hope that people stop looking over it and start looking at it. But before you do, answer me this – how many times have you waited until the commercial break before getting off the couch to leave the room? How many times have you madly pressed the buttons on your radio in a frenzied search for something other than mind-numbing sales jingles? How many times have you flicked apathetically through a magazine or newspaper only to complain it’s nothing but ads? Now don’t you think your consumers would be behaving in much the same way?

PR offers businesses an alternative – or a complementary – communication tactic to advertising. It’s an opportunity to become part of the news or feature-style content that is actively sought by day-to-day media audiences, rather than just being the advertising sideshow.

Often organisations have news-ready content sitting in their palm of their hands, it just takes an experienced PR consultant to help them recognise that the opportunity is worth grabbing before it drifts away. At other times, much more work is required to create a PR opportunity from scratch. However, this can pay huge dividends and see your business’ key messages covered by many more media outlets than you could afford to advertise with.

So before you renew your advertising contract for 2011, have a think about the other opportunities you have to spread the word about your business. Then – if you discover something great, something with potential or nothing at all – invite us in for a coffee and a chat about how we can make your opportunities something special.