Harshmellow promises a greener 2011

Posted on January 4, 2011


Orange tulips by Valeria Everett

To celebrate the start of a new year and new beginnings, we at Harshmellow have set ourselves the goal to be cleaner and greener in 2011 by setting and sticking to 10 Green Promises.

Below is the media release that was sent to our industry media announcing our eco-changes:


Townsville-based communications agency Harshmellow Media + Design has officially announced its New Year’s resolution by publishing 10 Green Promises on its corporate website.

According to Harshmellow’s Director Sarah Mathiesen the decision to include the agency’s resolution on its website was made to keep Harshmellow publicly accountable for its eco-commitment and to inspire other organisations to do the same.

“The PR industry is forever advising others to make tangible contributions to the community by adopting socially responsible procedures,” said Mathiesen. “Harshmellow’s Green Promises are our way of practising what we preach.

“The promises are designed to guide all of our actions within Harshmellow and include the obvious methods such as recycling and using environmentally-friendly products right through to sourcing local providers and working with other sustainable companies wherever possible.

“While sourcing local, like-minded providers may be a bit laborious at the outset, the Harshmellow team is looking forward to the challenges and the rewards they will reap,” said Mathiesen.

“Being Green no longer means comprising on quality and we look forward to providing our clients with stunning, environmentally-responsible products and services.

“We do anticipate there will be additional ‘non-green’ up-sides to the promises including a bit of a boost for the North Queensland economy and notable savings in electricity and transit costs, which we will be more than happy to pass onto our clients,” Mathiesen said.

Harshmellow Media + Design’s 10 Green Promises:

  • To print only what is necessary
  • To use recycled materials where possible
  • To reuse or recycle wherever possible
  • To use environmentally friendly products
  • To switch electronics off when not in use
  • To reduce transit by sourcing materials locally
  • To take advantage of natural light and cooling
  • To support other sustainable businesses
  • To provide green solutions to our clients when appropriate; and
  • To seek cleaner, greener ways of doing business.


We’d love to hear how you’re doing your eco-bit. If you have a unique Green tactic, please share it with us in the comment section below.