Reaching your consumers in the new year

November 30, 2010


With the new year now breathing down the back of our necks, it’s time business owners and managers start thinking about ways to reach out to their consumers in 2011. Sure, you could rehash the same tired, old ad you’ve been running for the last twelve months and hope that people stop looking over it […]

Harshmellow’s busy bees

November 30, 2010


photo by _PaulS_

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any Harshmellow Musings – it’s not because I’ve run out of things to say, on the contrary! We’ve been flat out here at Harshmellow. In the past month or so we’ve spent a lot of time networking with Townsville business owners, meeting people who can help us expand […]

Old friends help us celebrate new beginnings

August 31, 2010


A show of support

“A ring is round and has no end, and that’s how long you’ll be my friend” As people grow older ‘best friends’ can become harder to find. Perhaps as we age we become more critical of others, maybe we start to learn the meaning of true friendship or perhaps we are just too busy to […]

Happy birthday, Upper Ross Medical Centre

August 31, 2010


"Our aim is to provide more doctors and allied health services so that people living in the Upper Ross don’t have to travel far from home for advice and treatment."

How to Win Facebook Friends and Influence Tweeple

August 18, 2010


      Social networking sites have long played host to traditional forms of online advertising. Now that the medium has proven it’s here to stay, marketers and PR practioners are stepping in to reveal the full potential of social media in business.  This post offers some insights into how business owners can form valuable […]

How can I be loyal when I have so many options?

August 5, 2010


Photo by Nick J Webb

I’ve always thought of myself as a very faithful person – I stand by friends through thick and thin; I keep my appointments unless an emergency/fatal illness/natural disaster strikes; and I have every intention of meeting my fantastic fiancé at the altar on our wedding day, on time and 100 per cent committed to our […]

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Meet our Director

August 1, 2010


Director of Harshmellow Media & Design, Sarah Mathiesen is a qualified journalist and experienced public relations (PR) consultant, born and bred in Townsville, North Queensland. Sarah has created Harshmellow Media & Design so that she can play an integral role in the exciting development of Townsville by sharing her passion for creative and strategic communication with North […]